Welcome To 2018

~ let’s get this thing really cracking ~

2017 has been a warmup. A pre-game of sorts. I wanted to test the waters with this whole “writing” thing and spoiler, I decided I wanted to swim some more. So thus, in 2018, The Blooper Reel continues in full swing. I’m talking twice weekly posts, chock full of movie news, opinion pieces, reviews, analysis and some other stuff that I’ll figure out along the way.

So, you’re thinking, how the hell is this any different from what happened this year? Also, didn’t you stop posting for, like, three months? Who is this chick? Is she even relevant anymore? Do not fret petal. Your concerns are heard. Allow me to explain.

Firstly, as afore-mentioned, I had always intended to start The Blooper Reel in 2018 – as explained in a recent Youtube upload (check it out on the sidebar) – due to the changing of personal circumstances. However, after feeling uninspired with the YouTube gig, I thought life’s too short and hopped on over to the blogosphere (is that a word?) early, in about August of 2017. Most likely none of this is new information to you, however it also explains the hesitant and non-committal nature of my posting. I was practicing, seeing how writing fit around my schedule before the real thing began. But now, dress rehearsal is over. I am armed with the necessary skills (questionable) and organisation (even more questionable) to get started with regularly scheduled, in-depth and moderately entertaining programming.

Another reason that I have been suspiciously absent is that my already limited leisure hours that are usually devoted to this project have been taken up by actual filmmaking. That’s right. Little old me has been caught in a vicious cycle of write, plan, shoot, edit repeat for three months whilst making two of my very own short films. This ongoing process has been thrilling and exhausting, but I feel that it has armed me with more insight into the film process, and contributed to my understanding of and (hopefully) writing within the entertainment world. It has been immensely fun to realise this dream that I have had cooped up in my head for a long while now, and who knows? Maybe I will share some of those stories here in the future. Yes, I may upload them to Youtube for you to see if my self esteem feels up to it. Next.

Posts will be up twice a week, hopefully consistent on Mondays and Thursdays. The first post of the week will see either a current review or news update on any new movies or tv shows circulating. Later in the week we shall dive into the opinion/discussion space, with pieces that highlight old classics, or perhaps draw your attention to some media that should be hitting your “To Watch” list. Pick and choose your flavour, or devour the whole smorgasbord! Come along for the ride by following the blog, even opt to get updated via email if you’re feeling really frisky. Show your love for the posts by liking, and share your thoughts by commenting! I would love nothing more than to create an engaging and enthusiastic online community of movie lovers right here at our disposal, to discuss, debate and defend the nuances of your current and old favourites. Let’s do it!

Much love,

Belle xx


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